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Felix Da Housecat Denied Entry to Berghain, Takes to Twitter to Voice Outrage

We say: join the club.

After attempting to enter famed Berlin nightclub Berghain, Felix Da Housecat was allegedly denied entry. In statements posted to Twitter, the long-time house musician voiced his outrage publicly and accused the club's staff of racist policies.

Getting denied entry into Berghain is nothing new-even for celebrities. Earlier this year, Rolling Stone reported on pop mega-star Britney Spears being turned away at the door. An artist even closer to home, Richie Hawtin, was similarly denied entry in October of 2009.

Unfortunately, despite the numerous (and since deleted) Tweets very little is known about the incident. After stating that "thy was lIKE FUK YOU NIGGER," Felix Da Housecat went on to explain that "they didn't say NIGGER… but u know what???" The suggestion that racism was implied rather than explicit is curious given that a) unlike migrant hotspots such as France, Italy, or Greece, Berlin's demographic makeup is only 2% African, and b) Berghain is hosting an event for left-wing charity No Historical Backspin, an orginization dedicated to fighting racism, in March.

We have reached out to Felix Da Housecat's management and will update this space if they respond. Berghain, following company protocol, are silent on the situation

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