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Unknown Festival Was Full of Babes

The pictures don't lie. Antoine finds a secret eden of cute girls in Rovinj, Croatia, and parties with a monkey man on a John Talaboat.

All photos by Naomi Mukai
A few months ago, I wrote a guide to partying in Croatia even though I had never been there before. It turns out the article was only partially accurate, but mainly I was pointing out the exponential growning of the music festival industry on the Adriatic Coast. I felt the need to fact-check everything I reported about the region's party industry, so I actually went to Croatia. See! Journalism is saved! To be honest, I also wasn't against spending some days on a sunny beach while some of my favorite DJs were playing music I like. You might think at this point, "What a nice job this bastard has," but if I pitched you the story as something like "I spent 10 days in a tent avoiding the rain with a group of drunk, sunburnt British adolescents," would you still envy me? Me neither. Luckily that's an exaggeration. It wasn't that bad. Actually, it was pretty awesome. Last week I took THUMP to Dimensions festival in Pula, so I suppose this is episode two of my adventures in Croatia, where I attended the first edition of the Unknown Festival in Rovinj.


I don't remember a lot of things from the Latin classes I took in high school. Maybe some god's name, a few vocab words, and the classic declension—rosa, rosa, rosam, rosaem, for those who know! But maybe some of you can tell me if there was a mythological story about an abandoned island of cute, nice girls staying up all night for good fun? Because if not, a new one should definitively be written about Unknown. Of the approximately 6,000 people in attendance, a majority were of the female persuasion. This is not me typing under the influence of the hot, beating sun, so much as it is a true fact. Even my French female company had to admit it: the competition was at a high-standard.

At the same time, everything seemed to be made for the ladies. The lineup included plenty of the hottest "house-with-vocal-hooks" hitmakers (Disclosure, Cyril Hahn, Julio Bashmore), there were some fancy make-up stands, and the decoration of the festival site looked like it came directly from a Pinterest board, if not an Urban Outffiters shop.

There was so much girlie pressure in the festival that even the guys were forced to put awaytheir manhood, like this guy with flowers in his hair or this dude with a glittery mustache who is about to give some lucky girl head all night long. Cute, non?

If you still barely believe me, here is a fact that doesn't lie: the security had so little to do that they were taking pictures of the crowd when they weren't posing squarely. How could they resist after all? It was that chill.


At this point in the story, I know that my male readership's imagination is starting to overheat. You guys are probably thinking Unknown was heaven on Earth following this equation: gorgeous sunny seaside + hot girls partying > porn tubes. Well, life isn't that easy. Look at this girl for instance.

Besides all this love and lust going around, there was also some music. In case you forgot, this piece was about a music festival. SBTKRT got everybody's hands in the air when he dropped The Weeknd feat. Drake's "Crew Love."

John Talabot was joined on his boat party by Jamie XX for an impromptu B2B.