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Bassline-heavy future house from this clerically-inclined Parisian.
February 27, 2014, 9:00pm

These days people like to tack the word "future" on as a prefix to an already existing genre, then call it a day. It is perhaps indicative of a culture moving faster than nomenclature can keep up. Bearing that in mind, there's nobody forging more emphatically forward in house music than Tchami. The mysterious Parisian, who appears dressed in gothy religious vestments, emerged from nowhere last year with a series of classy and confident bassline-heavy house remixes.


With his first forays into the US upcoming, Tchami is set to emerge from deep in the Fool's Gold roster and into the forefront of a house scene propelled by a fast-maturing American palate. His work is just so catchy and clever that it won't be ignored. It has a way of nestling into your brain and holding court like a time-traveller returned from six months in the future.
THUMP got some time with the man and took a jab at unraveling the mystery. We may not have succeeded entirely, but at least we scored you an exclusive mix in the process.

Check the tracklist below our interview.

THUMP: Are there any major differences between "future House" and the house music upon which it builds, or have people's perceptions just changed?
Tchami: I came up with that "future house" thing without thinking it would be important for anyone but me. Basically, future house means "something new in house music." So whatever goes outside the rules can be future house. It's up to you to make something personal or to do what everybody else is doing right now.

Tell us as much as you can about THAT bass tone.
I saw a lot of arguments about that bass but the only thing I did was tweak the knobs until I had something fresh in my ears and make it sound good within the song. As you know a good chef doesn't share his secrets even if the recipe is easy to follow.

You're rockin' the clerical collar. What's that about? What is the gospel you preach?
It's difficult for me to talk about this now. One thing I can say is that I am a spiritual person. I wanted it to be reflected in my vision of music.

Can you tell us more about the experience in Africa that you got your name from?
I used to travel a lot these past years and I have also met some awesome people. Tchami is a name that has been given to me when I was in Africa. It's a family name over there so it's an honor for me to use it as my artist name. Beyond this I want to give people some insights about real parts of my life and make it relevant with my music.

You come off as having a near Zen-like perspective on your own success. How did you get that way?
I'm trying to keep my attention on things that will last in my life. Success is cool but it comes and goes. So yes it may be my moment to shine one day but what about the day after? I just want to stay in my zone and connect people with my music. I'll keep doing it as long as I have something to express.

I see you're booked for Sasquatch Festival. Do you have any more upcoming US plans?
Yes I'm playing at HardFest in Miami on March 26. We should be able to announce some more upcoming shows in the US soon.

Breach - Jack (Taiki & Nulight Remix)
AC Slater - Gunplay
Legitimate Scandal - Fu Gee La (Original Mix)
GotSome Feat. The Get Along Gang - Bassline (Chocolate Puma Remix)
Hector Couto - Rare Love (Josh Butler Remix)
Martin Garrix - Wizard (Tchami Remix)
Rob Base & DJ Easy Rock vs Tchami - It Takes Two
Tchami - Promesses (feat Kaleem Taylor)
Naughty Boy Ft. Wiz Khalifa & Ella Eyre - Think About It (Tâches Remix)
The Aston Shuffle - Tear It Down (Low Steppa Remix)
Elizabeth Rose - The Good Life (Charles Murdoch Remix)
Kaytranada - At All
Mincha - I Do Care (Compton Chic Club Remix)
Jeannie - Boy Friend (feat. Anna Roxenholt)
Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me