Xeno & Oaklander Dropped a New Cut of Their Signature Dystopian Dance Music

"Palms" is the second single from the duo's upcoming fifth album 'Topiary'.
May 22, 2016, 9:21pm
Photo courtesy of the artists

Xeno & Oaklander have helped build the now flourishing Brooklyn electronic music scene since forming in 2004. Now the veteran duo—comprised of Sean McBride and Liz Wendelbo—are returning with a new album that showcases their finely polished and unique brand of stoically sung and minimally sequenced dance music.

Topiary is Xeno & Oaklander's fifth studio album. It places special emphasis on Wendelbo's vocal work with McBride departing from the mic to double-down on programming and sequencing. On the single "Palms" Wendelbo's dulcet voice floats above McBride's industrious melodies and propulsive acid percussion, hitting a mood that strikes somewhere between black and white noir and dystopian science fiction. In other words this is music you might hear at a dance club in Blade Runner's version of Los Angeles.

"Palms" is the second single from Topiary which is out June 3 from Ghostly International. The first single "Marble"—released as a video by director Scott Kiernan—is a play on the idea of a watcher being watched as Wendelbo takes on the role of forlorn 70s variety show singer viewing a screen of McBride filming her.

Listen to "Palms" and watch "Marble" below.