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LING Explores "Disorienting Mist of Information" on Stunning New Track for PAN and Visionist's Codes

The Liverpool producer's debut EP 'Attachment" is due for release next week.
Photo courtesy of the label

Liverpudlian producer, LING, has announced his debut EP on Codes, the label co-helmed by Berlin's PAN and grime experimenter, Visionist. Entitled Attachment, the release will be a "data-centric collection built from field and browser recordings, loosely exploring the themes of habitual mental tendencies," according to the press release. It follows on from South London producer Kamixlo's excellent Demonico EP of Latin club experiments for the label, which THUMP was lucky enough to premiere back in October.


Ahead of its release next week, the artist has shared EP cut "Canthem." Starting off in a pool of untethered abstraction, it eventually coalesces into something propelled all the more persuasively by club percussion and a grime-esque melody, gaining steam without losing its artfulness.

The artist gave THUMP some backstory for the track via email: "For me this track feels like super personalized notification tones reeling off in succession," he explained. "As with the other tracks on the EP, 'Canthem' was constructed by reprocessing past recordings and experiments. Re-exploring nonlinear moments and sealing them within a linear structure gives this disorientating mist of information."

Check out the track below. You can pick up the EP when it's out on February 5.

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