We Brought Tokimonsta to Gear-Head Heaven


This story is over 5 years old.

We Brought Tokimonsta to Gear-Head Heaven

Despite some rainy weather in Toronto, our one-on-one with Tokimonsta was far from dry.

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Tokimonsta is a master of multitasking. Often juggling digital work, live instruments, and vinyl while performing, she certainly knows her way around the stage. Her cosmic soundscape of R&B licks, synth sonatas, and percussive riffs are of the highest musicianship.


So when HARD Festival rolled through Toronto in May, THUMP put her skills to the test at one of the city's finest gear shops, MOOG Audio. The chance to twist some knobs and pick the brain of MOOG's Dustin Good was a refreshing break from her heavy touring schedule. And, a successful warm-up for her rain-drenched set at HARD.

"The beat scene…it's crazy what it's become," she says. "I was once super left of center, I've been slowly pushed into the center naturally. I didn't have to do anything. And now, everyone gets it."

Tokimonsta is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter