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Lafawndah’s Cover of Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants” Will Confuse You Even More Than the Original

The electronic artist offers her interpretation of the pop song in a 10-minute film.

Ace of Base's' "All That She Wants" was one of the catchiest yet most slippery pop songs of the 90s. Those pipes come in on the Swedish group's chart-topping song, and then bam—you're left baffled by its balmy lyrics. A burrowing earworm, the dub-influenced track's lyrics have long baffled listeners. "All that she wants is another baby / She's gone tomorrow boy"—an actual baby? A bae? Is there a missing comma? What the fuck does it mean?


Well today we have a fresh interpretation… that leaves us even more confused. International genre-challenging electronic artist Lafawndah has teamed up with visual artist Analisa Teachworth to produce a short film called "All That She Wants." The Iranian-born, French-raised musician soundtracks the video with a cover of the 1993 hit, turning those pipes into bewitching hums and drawing the entire song out over 10 minutes, set to imagery of semi-erotic, semi-awkward encounters between couples, and an eerie scene of someone climbing out of their own grave.

Exploring the way bodies work was the forefront of Lafawndah's 2016 album, Tan. In an interview with THUMP, she said: "It's basically power-relationships, power-play, power dynamics at work with the body language."

Watch the video up above.