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Solomun's White Isle Journals no. 8: Âme and Koze Come Calling

Things get "live" when two of Germany's most talented come to visit.

Welcome to my White Isle Journals, where you'll get an inside look at my life in Ibiza during my Solomun +1 residency this summer at Pacha.

Every week, I'll bring you deep inside Ibiza life, up-close and personal and behind the scenes. Then, I'll pick my own +1 from the island to show you the beating heart of the White Isle––The people. Lastly, I'll pick the track that took over the airwaves for me that week. There's so much going on, and on this party Island, you tend to forget fast. That's why I wanted to write it all down, so I can remember it all and share with you.


Last week, I had the big honor of finally inviting Frank of Âme to Ibiza (He's the "live" part of Âme, by the way). Since I've had the +1-residency, I've always invited Kristian (the DJ-part of Âme). Now, with our new +Live concept, I can finally also welcome Frank Wiedemann to Destino.

And again, it was a great day and night. Frank is an outstanding live act that we all enjoyed a lot. Instead of after-partying, we chose to have nice late dinner at an Italian restaurant.

At Pacha, there was Hamburg calling again: DJ Koze gave us a visit. Besides the fact that he always surprises and inspires me musically, we had loads of fun in the Booth, no, not in, let's say: with the Booth.

This year at Pacha, they've made some changes at the booth and installed a little plank at the height of our knees. And this may sound small but we two were playing for some time with this plank. You can put one feet on it and move higher or, even better, you can pin both feets under and pretend like tipping over, like falling over behind. I suppose when we are together, we can have fun in any silly way.

Introducing Circe

What's your name?
Circe de la Rosa, from Madrid, Spain.

Why Ibiza?
Because there is everything here: nature, internationality, the most amazing people. I've been all around the world as a model and this here is my most favorite place.

Why a Solomun party?
I love his music, of course. It's always good vibes. He makes everybody happy. The people smile all night!


What will you do after finishing this interview?
Going to another Solomun party at Destino, Solomun+live, an outdoor day party.

Circe on partying with Solomun

At the end of may, the Friday before his grand opening at Pacha Ibiza, we showed up as a surprise when he played in Monaco. Me and a few friends just showed up. Monaco was really special.

One moment, a very, very tall woman went into the booth, turned to each side and said, "No photo! No photo!" Turns out it was Naomi Campbell. She's quite experienced with paparazzi, I have to say.

Then, oh boy, we started drinking. Tequila. Little advice to all of us: Don't drink too much Tequila!

And then we all had so much fun that we didn't want to stop. Mladen played longer then he was supposed to play, and then one minute he had to stop because the police were blocking the streets because of the Formula 1 race. If we wouldn't stop playing, we would not have been able to leave the club anymore!

Solomuns track of the week: Zora - "Solomun"

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