This story is over 5 years old.

Moon Boots Takes George Maple's "Talk Talk" on a Space Voyage

This is what dancing in zero-gravity sounds like.

Did you know that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Mike Collins, AKA the first crew of dudes to explore our planet's moon, listened to trippy electronic music throughout their historic journey? Yes, it's true. To help soundtrack their voyage, the crew turned to the work of Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman, the innovator of the theremin, and his euphoric composition— Music Out of The Moon.

But what if we went back to the lunar surface today in 2015—what would the astronauts have bumping in their helmets? The obvious answer is deep-house, and more specifically, a deep-house remix of George Maple's smash tune "Talk Talk," by the leading-voice in cosmic-laced deep-house, Moon Boots.

While we're not sure the next time we'll be skipping along the Mare Tranquillitatis (that's the Sea of Tranquility for all you who failed AST 101 in college), if we do, something tells us this remix might find its way into a space walker's playlist. Until then, you can stream the tune above, while you do your best moonwalk.

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