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Forest Swords Is Releasing His Conceptual Modern Dance Score on Vinyl for Charity

'Shrine' is limited to 350 copies with pre-orders available now.
May 28, 2016, 5:20pm
Photo courtesy of the artist

Forest Swords's Matthew Barnes has yet to release his follow-up to his acclaimed 2013 album Engravings, but he's not been sitting idle since then either. The UK-based producer and visual artist has put his paws on various cross-cultural projects by scoring a short film on climate change, and co-creating a modern dance performance—including overseeing its score and art direction—that premiered in January. Now that dance score will be available as a limited edition vinyl record.


For the score to Shrine, an "intimate solo dance piece" performed at Liverpool's Black-E venue, Barnes used samples of breathing to compose six pieces that examine different rhythms of the body. During the performance, a dancer slowly rises from a fetal position and jolts with bewilderment and vivacious movement, provoked by both the breaths and stage lighting. The sold-out show was recorded and recently archived by Boiler Room TV.

Now Forest Swords has announced that the Shrine soundtrack will be available as a limited edition (only 350) electric blue vinyl record on Barnes's own Dense Truth label. In addition, the producer has stated that "a percentage of sales will be donated to charities working in the Calais 'Jungle' refugee camp in northern France, providing food and basic necessities for those seeking a safer life from conflict and violence."

Stream the record and the performance below, and go to the Forest Swords's website to pre-order the vinyl.