The Devil is in the Details of Suzi Analogue’s New Track “Wildflowrr"

Listen to the new single from the experimental artist’s upcoming audio/visual tape ZONEZ V.3.
April 24, 2017, 10:21pm
Image courtesy of the artist.

New York-based experimental producer Suzi Analogue has created some seriously propulsive sounds on her new track "Wildflowrr". With haunted-sounding chimes and percussion that sounds like it's always trying to outpace itself, "Wildflowrr" has enough deranged details to make it an interesting listen as well as a dancefloor track.

The new single will feature on Analogue's upcoming audio/visual Tape ZONEZ V. 3, out from the artist's Never Normal Records. The tape comes with 7 "visual guides" to the music, filmed by Souldreamin. Analogue has shared the visual accompaniment to "Wildflowrr," which you can watch below. Shot by Rachael Hardway of Dauntless Media, it features a dancing woman (Najja Safara) stamped with the digital projection of fuchsia flowers.

"I am working to create new audio/visual collections that score and display stories of expansion from the feminine perspective," explained Analogue in an email to THUMP. "For 'Wildflowrr,' I wanted to show the various stages of growth. The video reveals a powerful portrait of a blossoming woman."

Analogue will continue this project of capturing female growth and spontaneity during her performance at Moogfest. There, she will show her experimental horror film "No Moon No Man" created with fellow experimental musician VHVL, whose album EVN made it onto THUMP's Top 25 Experimental Albums of 2016. Together, they'll also treat the audience to a live scoring of the film, unrehearsed and created on-the-spot.

"From No Moon No Man, our womanist horror film at Moogfest, to ZONEZ, these are all moments of women truly living scored to original music," Analogue added.

Suzi Analogue and VHVL's performance at Moogfest will take place on Saturday, May 20. Learn more here, and be sure to look out for ZONEZ V. 3 on Never Normal Records on May 5, 2017.