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A Year of Lil Wayne: Happy 4/20

Here is a video of Lil Wayne smoking a Big Joint.

Day 212: "Get High Rule the World" – Da Drought 3, 2007

There's no quicker way to ruin weed than by overthinking it, as anyone who has ever heard someone say the words "dab rig" can tell you. So, for 4/20, Lil Wayne's honorary birthday, there's no need to say too much. Instead, I would like to share this video from Lil Wayne's old vlog, Weezy Wednesdays, about getting ready for 4/20. In it, Wayne smokes an enormous joint:


That is all. Also, the song "Get High Rule the World" is nuts (just call Wayne "squirrel"). If you've ever had any questions why Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive, please refer to the amount of jokes in the following lines:

Party time excellent, yup, Wayne's World
Campbell's Soup on the wrist, just call me Earl
Lil' Marl, don't shoot em, ya heard
I get high, my words slur, I start calling him Mmm-erle

Got it? Now toke up and run this back:

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