Bill Nye Sends Karlie Kloss to Teach Desiigner About the Horrors of Climate Change

The segment from Nye's new show, 'Bill Nye Saves the World,' makes for excellent Earth Day viewing.
April 22, 2017, 7:07pm

Today is Earth Day, that special occasion when most people you know sit around and watch Planet Earth reruns while smoking as much as they did on 4/20. And while there's certainly some value to absorbing David Attenborough's wisdom while stoned on a couch, there are other ways that we can enlighten ourselves.

Take this video of Desiigner learning about the horrors of climate change from model Karlie Kloss, streamed as a segment on the first episode Bill Nye's new Netflix Show, Bill Nye Saves the World. Every time that Desiigner wants a delicious snack—chocolate, sushi, coffee—Kloss pops up to tell him why a changing climate will cause them all to become scarce. Even pandas aren't safe. Desiigner actually plays the whole thing with a nice deadpan comedy, keeping his energy levels lower than they were on his most recent Hot 97 freestyle. It's easy to see why Zadie Smith is such a fan.

Watch the video above.

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