Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes Trolls Press Conference Stenographer


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Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes Trolls Press Conference Stenographer

Wisconsin sophomore Nigel Hayes met with and was amazed by the press stenographer and decided to put her skills to the test with a string of ridiculous and uncommon words.

Putting context to @NIGEL_HAYES quotes - #Badgers were enamored with steno machine last night pic.twitter.com/cDYBifYMtv
— Wisconsin Basketball (@BadgerMBB) March 21, 2015

Wisconsin plays Oregon later tonight and on Saturday members of the team met with the media to discuss the upcoming game. The night before, Badgers Nigel Hayes, Frank Kaminsky, and Sam Dekker checked out the stenographer and her magic machine that makes her job possible. They were amazed by the shorthand wizardry and so when it came time to talk to the press the following day, Nigel Hayes decided to kick in the tires.


Before answering a question posed by a reporter, he randomly threw a ton of uncommon words at her, including cattywampus and one of the longest words in the english language, antidisestablishmentarianism. I spelled that one out myself, no copy and pasting, here.

Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes had some fun with the NCAA stenographer in today's press conference. pic.twitter.com/zKFyH19phK
— Jeff Rabjohns (@JeffRabjohns) March 22, 2015

As you can see, the machine and the stenographer kept up perfectly and Hayes gave the woman a shoutout later that day.

Want to give a job-well-done to @Saintsswimmom for her expeditious and impeccable stenography today…#Sesquipedalian
— Nigel Hayes (@NIGEL_HAYES) March 22, 2015

The only problem with any of this is, what the heck was that question Hayes was asked in the first place? "You've taken quite a leap in the 3-point shooting, to whatever, and in other areas." We already have plenty of evidence to suggest that this was not a transcription error.