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GRiZ Won the Celebrity Weed Game Without Selling Out

The DJ and producer tells us the story behind his Cannabis Cup award-winning strain, and why corporate weed is "just a bad idea."

GRiZ may not have won a Grammy just yet, but his personal weed strain did take home a prestigious award at the 2015 Cannabis Cup, the world's longest-running marijuana competition, held annually in a number of US cities.

Produced by Native Roots, a local dispensary in GRiZ's adopted home state of Colorado, GRiZ's marijuana varietal is a hybrid cross of Tangerine Haze and Pakistan Chitral Kush that was, according to its breeders, "developed to have an earthy, citrus aroma and a balance between heady sativa energy and relaxing indica effects." It won "second place flowers" in the People's Choice category.

The naming of a strain after a person has always been considered an extremely high honor in the pot growing world—one reserved for those with a true love of the plant and a considerable contribution to cannabis culture. With roots dating back to weed's outlaw days, the practice has traditionally honored beloved activists like Jack Herer, but more recently, with legalization transforming this once underground scene into a "green rush" of capitalistic opportunity, the trend has been for musicians to license their names to marijuana companies, including the likes of Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Melissa Etheridge, Whiz Khalifa, and even (posthumously) Bob Marley.

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