Blake Sims Gets Blown Up On Touchdown Pass


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Blake Sims Gets Blown Up On Touchdown Pass

Blake Sims took a vicious hit from Mizzou's Shane Ray on a 58-yard touchdown pass. Ray was ejected for targeting on the play.

Blake Sims threw a beautiful deep pass to DeAndrew White for a 58-yard touchdown and stood in there long enough to take a huge hit from Mizzou's Shane Ray. It was a dirty hit, though, and Ray was ejected for targeting, as you can clearly see him drive his helmet into Sims and knocking him down well after the throw was made. The Alabama QB walked off slowly, but seemed otherwise OK. The score put Bama up 14-0 over Missouri, who will now have to play nearly three full quarters without their best pass rusher.

As he did last week in the Iron Bowl, Lane Kiffin saw the read and knew the play was going to work out before Sims even threw the ball. So he threw up his hands in the universal gesture for cocky asshole touchdown.