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Pencil and Crayon Illustrations Celebrate the Small Joys of Everyday Life

A Korean artist illustrates from the heart in her visual diary of daily life.
All images courtesy the artist

With a penchant for graceful illustration and distorted proportions, a series of illustrations portraying snapshots of average life tell a story of humanity with the help of colored pencils and a greeting-card layout. Ujung Kim, who goes by nullobject on her online pages, enhances her darling compositions with inflated body shapes. Each of her illustrations highlight the beauty pedestrian fashion.

A supine man, in a golden-yellow swimsuit and a curled moustache, hangs in a hammock, and leisurely reads. The illustration pairs with a scrappy uppercase font, reading “Everyday Holiday.” In another elongated canvas, we see a wintry sky in a changing sea of pink with a brick home expelling chimney smoke as it is surrounded by pine trees.


The Korean illustrator shares with The Creators Project that her work often mimics a written diary; her work is a large part of how Kim keeps tabs on her daily goings-on and preserves her memories. As she explains, “My paintings look like mine, and they’re my time records.”

To see more work from Ujung Kim, visit her Behance page and her Instagram page.


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