Ghostface Killah and Wax Tailor Get Animated in Paper Cut-Out Music Video

French artist Mathieu Le Proux uses stop-motion animation to bring his papercraft creations to life.
January 25, 2017, 2:15pm
Screencaps and GIF by the author, via

In an incredible demonstration of patience and craftsmanship, French artist and stop-motion director, Mathieu Le Proux, 100% hand-made a paper art music video for the new single by French beat junkie Wax Tailor and Ghostface Killah, "Worldwide." By animating the simple movement of paper, Le Proux creates dynamic video transitions and graphics that illustrate the evolution of a man, Ghostface, and his experiences playing shows around the world.

The whole assemblage took Le Proux a total of two months to build and an additional six days to shoot. Using a printer, spray paint, and glue, Le Proux constructs three-dimensional paper sculptures of cars, globes, auditorium bleachers, and entire cityscapes. One of the video’s main visual anchors is a 3D record player that Le Proux built to scale from an amalgam of cut paper. The director periodically highlights certain Ghostface lyrics and Wax Tailor’s quirky audio samples by inserting clever text engravings into his visuals. Check it out below:

"Worldwide" is a single off Wax Tailor's latest album entitled, By All Beats Necessary (Le Plan). You can buy or stream the album here. See more work by Mathieu Le Proux on his website.


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