This story is over 5 years old.


Beno Udrih Trying to Defend Steph Curry is Delightful, Kind of Sad

Beno Udrih's defensive philosophy is to run around like a chicken with its head cut off and hopefully get in the way of someone.

Poor Beno Udrih had a rough couple of seconds trying to track down Stephen Curry. With one twitch of his shoulders, Curry sent Udrih running in the wrong direction. While Udrih was still trying to regain control of his body and direct it back to a place where it might still come in useful, Curry had moved on to poor Zach Randolph. Curry faked a drive to the basket and stepped back on Z-Bo who, however little he may have actually been in the picture, was now completely out of it. But, what's this?! Beno Udrih has re-established contact with earth and is ready to help again! Ah wait, nope. No he is not. There he goes again, sprawling to the court as Curry drills a three.