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Totally Sane Person Takes out Full-Page Ad Asking Commissioner to Asterisk A-Rod's Home Runs

A big time Giants fan spent actual money on an advertisement in the NY Daily News asking commissioner Rob Manfred to asterisk A-Rod's home runs when he surpasses Willie Mays on the all-time list.

Some lunatic took out a full page ad in the Daily News to ask Rob Manfred to put an asterisk next to ARod's 660th HR
— Jimmy Traina (@JimmyTraina) April 26, 2015

Far be it from me to tell someone what to do with his or her own money, but if Avid Giants Fan from Southold is looking to get rid of any more cash, might I suggest crumpling it all up, stuffing it in the fireplace, emptying sixteen gallons of gasoline on it, throwing a bunch of fireworks on top, dumping another 75 gallons of gasoline on top of that, purchasing a flamethrower, catching Wile E. Coyote, strapping a rocket to his back, pointing him in the direction of your fireplace, using the flamethrower to light the full page ad you surely wrote when Giants slugger Barry Bonds approached the same record, using that burning ad to light the wick on Wile E. Coyote's rocket, and waiting for him to reach the fireplace?

And I might also suggest that Randy Levine Avid Giants Fan is a fraud for only caring about the sanctity of the game when it involves his favorite player. Finally, I might also add, using air quotes in a really smug way: "Why shouldn't I be?" And I imagine Avid Giants Fan might respond "what are you even talking about?" To which I would say: "That's what Willie Mays said when asked if he was 'OK' with A-Rod passing his record."