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LeBron Is Intent on Trolling A Wistful Kobe

The love is palpable on Valentines Day.
February 15, 2016, 3:15am

Awwww, this shit is just adorable. Kobe's been receiving all kinds of hoopla about this being his last All Star game, and he's visibly a little wistful. But despite that fact, LeBron is intent on snapping him out of it by fucking with him as much as possible. Troll out.

During a halftime interview, Craig Sager wast trying to milk some emotion out of Kobe, when all of a sudden, LeBron comes up and interrupts their chat to talk some shit. "Y'all just try to see him just try to dunk on me? He going lay it up at the end. He's just trying to dunk on me, Craig." Kobe took it in stride, waxing nostalgic about having people shit talk him. Swoon.

Shortly before that, LeBron took an unorthodox defensive stance while guarding Kobe, just to mess with him.

The love is palpable on Valentines Day. I wonder what kind of chocolates LeBron sent to Kobe's room.