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Russell Westbrook Enters With a Goofy-Ass Dance, Promptly Ignores Drake

Drake so thirsty.
February 15, 2016, 1:42am

Man, the NBA All Star Game has had some crazy-ass fanfare leading up to the tipoff. You could certainly start with the Cirque du Soleil performance, which looked like some carnies got loose at a local laser tag arena. But the best moment was watching Drake actualize a wet dream of his by standing in front of the entrance, welcoming in all of the All Stars one by one. So thirsty for hi fives.

But the best part of the best moment, hands down, was when typically surly interviewee Russell Westbrook came out doing a jubilant little ditty, rolling and throwing up hands. He gave Drake a quick little look to say 'what's up' and then promptly pivots and ignores him. Drake was left on the sidelines, clapping, looking left out in the cold. Maybe if you start going courtside in Oklahoma City, Drake, you'd be getting your proper dap. You seem to do that for every other team.