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Notorious Sheriff and Traitorous Cowboys Fan David Clarke Detains Packers Fan for Looking at Him Funny

David Clarke will literally detain you for looking at him sideways.
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Don't you dare look at David Clarke the wrong way. No, seriously don't. Especially for wearing Cowboys garb before a Packers game even though he's from Wisconsin.

The infamous Milwaukee County sheriff isn't messing with that side eye. He's got the law on his side—hell, he is the damn law. See that cowboy hat? It means he's serious.

But one unwitting man—a damn fool, if you ask us—did. Dan Black had the temerity to shake his head in disapproval at Clarke as they boarded a flight from Dallas to Milwaukee before kickoff on Sunday. Why the disapproval? Clark was wearing Cowboys gear and Black is a Packers fan. When they got off, he was detained.


That's silly you may think. Not to Clarke. He explained that he "reserves the reasonable right to pre-empt a possible assault."

Here's what happened, according to a complaint Black filed at the Milwaukee County's Sheriff's Office, via the AP:

"Black, 24, said in the complaint that Clarke wasn't wearing his trademark cowboy hat and Black asked him whether he was Milwaukee's sheriff. When Clarke said, "Yes," Black said he shook his head, then walked toward his seat. Clarke then asked him if he had a problem, Black said, and Black shook his head to say, "No."

That's all it takes to get you a 15-minute conversation with some deputies when the flight lands. Don't mess with Clarke. In a statement posted after the incident on the official Facebook page of the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, Clarke threatened to knock out the next fool who dared look at him disapprovingly because he "does not have to wait for some goof to assault him." He doesn't even need to wait for you to throw a punch. He can probably see it in your eyes.

"Who in their right mind," Black said, "responds, 'I'm going to kick that guy's ass next time?'"