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Jamal Crawford Mimics Blake Griffin Dunk in Real Time

Jamal Crawford brought the fun in the Clippers comeback win over the Celtics.

The Los Angeles Clippers pulled off a critical come-from-behind victory against the Boston Celtics thanks to the clutch play of shooting guard Jamal Crawford, who scored 17 points in the second half, including three 3-pointers in the span of 70 seconds. The thumbnail on his highlight reel, however, will be his reaction to a Blake Griffin dunk in transition that gave LA an 18-point lead with under four minutes to play. As Griffin soared for the easy dunk, Crawford trailed the play and air-dunked right behind him.


You'd be feeling pretty light on your feet, too, if you had a minute like this:

How did he do it? By keeping it chill.

''I think I'm at my best whenever I'm just not thinking,'' Crawford said. ''I'm just relaxed. I'm just playing, just hooping. It's just basketball. I've done it my whole life. I've always said when you're at your best in the NBA it feels like you're like high school because your true game comes out.''

And nothing says "relaxed" like running up behind teammate Blake Griffin on the fast break and mimicking Griffin's dunk behind his back.

The Clippers of Chris Paul and Doc Rivers—two of the most high-strung individuals in the league—rarely come off this happy-go-lucky. Thank the basketball gods for Jamal Crawford, one of the few Clips to understand that it's just hooping.

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