Horse Named "Party Till Dawn" Busted for Meth

Sounds about right.
December 16, 2016, 10:15pm

Outside of an alternate universe where O.J. Simpson gets popped for steroids, this has to be the clubhouse leader for best combination of name and offense. Reports out of Australia indicate that the trainer for a horse named Party Till Dawn is under investigation after the horse tested positive for meth in June.

Trainer Ben Currie will have to appear before the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission next week to offer up an explanation as to how the five-year-old Party Till Dawn wound up with meth in her system. Maybe he can take some pointers from another Australian trainer who was fined when a horse under her care also tested positive for meth: note that the horse had been hanging out with the wrong crowd.

QRIC said the only other instance of a Queensland horse testing positive for methamphetamine was in Mackay in October 2015.

Trainer Cassandra Marsh was fined $5,000 after providing sufficient evidence that her horse, Island Tang, had been in contact with a habitual user of methamphetamine.

It's not just in Australia that horses are getting all geeked up, either. It's happening right here at home, in the great state of Texas. In 2015, five horses were forced to forfeit wins when they too tested positive.

Since coming under Currie's management, Party Till Dawn came in second in two races, both in the June timeframe covered by the positive test. Just last week, Currie was fine $6,000 when another horse of his tested positive for a more traditional PED, a testosterone-like substance.