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With Their Jobs Threatened by Roombas, Texas Maids Get Naked

iRobot's line of autonomous Roomba vacuum cleaners has been extremely popular with both lazy (or, in some cases, "lonely":
April 12, 2012, 2:15pm

iRobot’s line of autonomous Roomba vacuum cleaners has been extremely popular with both lazy (or, in some cases, lonely) homemakers and practical hackers alike ever since its debut in 2002. The former demographic loves its idiot-proof, Ron Popeil-esque “set it and forget it!” interface, while the latter loves its built-in array of high-tech sensors and "hackable" serial interface. In fact, programming the little vac-bot to perform non-cleaning tasks became so popular that, not only has it spawned various books and websites on the subject, it also inspired the company to relase the iRobot Create® Programmable Robot, in which the vacuum motor is replaced by an empty space for attaching whatever other instruments the user can dream up.


Not surprisingly, with the Roomba and its various companion/competitor technologies improving with each generation, local maid services have begun to realize that they might need to start stepping up their own game in order to compete in a mechanized world. Enter Texas's own Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service, which offers "nude or topless maid services" to discerning patrons in the Lubbock area.

It really makes you wonder: What Would Rosie Do?

While most of the stories on the subject are focusing on the possible legal ramifications of this type of business operating without a "sexually oriented" permit, I think we can all agree that the more interesting angle comes on the "IMPORTANT INFORMATION!" link of Fantasy Maid's website, where we learn that — despite being a literally half-assed idea — the company has actually thought this thing through quite a bit, to the extent that they even have a comprehensive policy for how to deal with any nudists who hire them.

To wit:

NUDIST POLICY: LFMS will provide services in the homes of nudist [sic] under certain circumstances. If the nudist answers the door nude AND has immediate family (mixed gender) present (clothed or nude) then the customer may also be nude. The relation must be provable by identification and the family members must be clearly visible upon opening the door.

As much as a publicity stunt as it is, we ought to applaud Fantasy Maid for showing that, in the coming struggle between cold, hard robots and living flesh, humans still have a chance.