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United Nations Is Back and Not a Minute Too Soon

New singer, new song, new President, same attitude.

United Nations has gone through some changes since the release of 2014's The Next Four Years. Namely, singer Geoff Rickly has stepped down from vocal duties. But recognizing that these are dark times and the world needs UN's brand of satirical political commentary now more than ever, the band is soldiering on and has recruited a friend to fill in on their new song, "Stairway to Mar-a-Lago."

In keeping with their mysterious persona (remember, this is the band that has worn Reagan masks in press photos and reveled in letting people guess who comprises this supergroup), they've asked us not to name this anonymous singer. Fair enough. But maybe you, the very knowledgeable listener, can take a guess. …Maybe someone who fronts another post-hardcore band you may have enjoyed… Anyway!

With lyrics like "It blows my mind how these Nazis took the stage and pandered to your deepest fears" and "You all laughed until it fucking happened," it's pretty safe to say which side of Trump's legacy United Nations will stand on. Today of all days, blast this song, and let United Nations bring you catharsis.

You can download the track on their Bandcamp page, and all proceeds will be split between Planned Parenthood and the ACLU in the name of "the United Nations."