This story is over 5 years old.

Here Are Nine Top Secret NSA Memes

Because some of us need a break.

These days, it takes far less than 22.3 years for something awful to become funny. Of course, NSA's PRISM isn't AIDS; the top secret program to spy on everyday citizens with hopes of finding a terrorist isn't shutting down people's immune systems or causing a massive quandry for US and French lab scientists to butt their heads over.

The PRISM leak, the schadenfreude of Obama, Alex Jones freaking the fuck out, and the easy-going cyberpunkery of Edward Snowden: These are things the Internet can't help but make fun of. And at increasing speeds. I don't know if you remember the great Binders Full of Women incident, but much like Romney's fateful phrasing that night of the town hall debate, our present bewilderment with daily headlines could use an ice bath. Or, at least a couple memes:


@PRISM_NSA and @EJosephSnowden twitter accounts

NMA World Edition's explanation

DJ Hennessy's NSA Bangers mix

Jean-Luc Picard

And these:

It feels good to laugh again, doesn't it?