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Cold? You're Lying If That's How You Feel After Hearing This Heater

Steel Banglez has come through with the maximum team on his new single "Bad", which features MoStack, Yungen, Not3s and Mr Eazi.

Bet you've never thought about it but a lot of words begin with "super". You've got Superman, you've got the superhighway, you've got supermassive (as in those black holes Muse once sang about), you've got supernatural. That's the tip of the iceberg but all of the above can be applied in one way or another to the latest track from producer Steel Banglez, an ultimate level collaboration called "Bad".


Featuring on the single are, thus: MoStack, Yungen, Not3s, Mr Eazi. And, if you have any knowledge of these acts, you'll know "Bad" sounds like it's arrived straight from summer. So forget about that pain shooting up your leg or lack of heating, put on a coat or something and get this in your ears. Now, the video itself could be improved upon since it rolls out the same tropes we've seen time and time again – ie: women as sometimes half-dressed objects, fully-clothed men performing, rinse repeat. Storyline can be a thing, guys, come on! That aside, put those headphones on and get warm.