Connor McDavid and LeBron James Dressed Up as Clowns for Halloween

Scary good athletes. Scary Halloween costumes.
October 31, 2017, 7:26pm
Screengrabs via LeBron James, Lauren Kyle Instagrams

LeBron James and Connor McDavid are arguably the two biggest talents and most recognizable superstars in their respective sports. LeBron, the four-time NBA MVP, and McDavid, the NHL's reigning Hart Trophy winner, share more than just undisputed superstardom and generational athletic skill sets, however.

The pair also share an interest in relevant, contemporary Halloween costumes.

LeBron got really into his IT themed get up, pulling off a Pennywise outfit to perfection, complete with incredible makeup, hair, white gloves, and those creepy-ass red balloons. Never follow those fucking balloons.

James' costume choice and execution was no doubt a winner, but it was McDavid who suited up as most frightening clown of all: Donald Trump.

Decked out in a dark suit, white dress shirt, sleek Trump-esque hair and eyebrows, an American flag pin, and that creepy-ass red tie, McDavid posed with his girlfriend dressed as the first lady Melania and even pulled off one of Trump's go to hand-gestures to perfection.

One clown is a fictional character known for scaring the shit out of millions of moviegoers on the big screen.

The other is a real-life caricature known for… well …