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Riding with the Bikers for Bernie

Danny Gold meets Russ Vitt, who launched Bikers for Bernie in the hope of swinging Florida voters towards the democratic candidate.

Watch "Florida's Senior Vote"

Florida has more senior citizens that any other US state, with around 20 percent aged 65 and over. And they love to vote: 72 percent cast votes in the 2012 presidential election.

As Florida prepares to vote, campaigns are turning their attention to senior citizens and their concerns. This Tuesday's primary awards all delegates to a single candidate, meaning the Sunshine State could either make a Trump nomination all but inevitable, or put the breaks on his momentum.

Before Tuesday's primary, VICE News correspondent Danny Gold meets Russ Vitt, the leader of the group Bikers for Bernie, who's rallying support for the democratic candidate and hoping to influence undecided and swing voters.

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