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Donald Trump applauds Brits for taking their country back

VICE News was in Scotland to see Donald Trump relaunch a luxury golf course, in the process telling Brits they were right to “take their country back.”

On Friday, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump touched down in Western Scotland. Ostensibly, he had traveled to Britain to relaunch Trump Turnberry, one of two luxury golf courses that he owns in the country. But his timing was conspicuous: Trump's visit came hours after Britain voted to leave the European Union, an extraordinary move that Donald Trump had previously expressed support for.


At a raucous press conference, Trump told Brits that they were right to "take their country back," and drew parallels between the political forces driving both Brexit and his presidential run.

Outside the golf course, a small band of protesters gathered for an anti-Trump demonstration. They worry about the global spread of Trump-style, right-wing populism.

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