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In Photos: Deadly Tremor Hits Nepal Just Weeks After Devastating Earthquake

With a magnitude of 7.3, the latest tremor has so far killed 48 people and injured thousands in Nepal, while also killing people in neighboring countries.
Anik Rahman

Just over two weeks after the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, the Himalayan country was shaken by another major earthquake near Mount Everest today. With a magnitude of 7.3, the latest tremor left 48 people dead and thousands injured in Nepal so far, while also killing others in neighboring countries.

The latest quake struck just after noon in Nepal, with its epicenter about  47 miles east of the capital Kathmandu, hitting a rural area close to the Chinese border. The tremor was also felt in northern India, Tibet, and Bangladesh. India's home ministry said 16 people had been killed in the state of Bihar, and one more in Uttar Pradesh. Officials in China said one person was confirmed dead in Tibet. Still recovering from the devastating April 25 earthquake, which killed more than 8,000 people, the country kicked back into emergency mode after Tuesday's quake, activating rescue crews and helicopters.


Freelance photographer Anik Rahman was in Sankhu, 10 miles East from Kathmandu, when the earthquake struck on Tuesday.

People taking shelter next to a broken temple after the devastating 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Sankhu.

A Nepali army have rescued a objects used by Hindu's during religious ceremonies after the devastating quake.

A local resident outside on the streets following the tremor.

Victims of Tuesday's earthquake.

Dust coming out from a broken house as the 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck in Sankhu on Tuesday.

Rescue workers searching for dead bodies.

A woman crying because her father and little brother were inside the family home when the earthquake hit.

A rescue worker passing by a broken house.

A group of woman carrying their children and belongings as they flee in search of a safe place to stay.

Nepali G-force security forces in Sankhu listening to the radio for news about the latest earthquake.

Rescue workers constructing a temporary, makeshift camp in an open field.

People exiting a local center for autistic people after earthquake.

Local residents seeking safety in an open field.

All photos by Anik Rahman

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