Finally, We Have an Excuse to Explain Evangelion

Plus, a version of UFC history with perhaps too much context, and a story about a famous restaurant without enough.
A slightly snarky looking penguin leans out from behind a doorway to regard the viewer with a look of caution.
courtesy of Netflix

This week, Austin introduces the gang to Neon Genesis Evangelion with the first two episodes, and places the series' in the broader context of mecha anime the preceded it. Why is Evangelion so much more explicitly horrifying than most Gundam shows, despite sharing their anti-war politics? And how about that penguin, huh? Danielle has also been watching SB Nation's video series on the history of MMA, " Fighting in the Age of Loneliness" from Jon Bois and Chapo Trap House's Felix Biederman. An often riveting history of sports and martial arts, the series also attempts to put them in context of the political and cultural currents that flowed around them, to more mixed success. But first, Rob has been fascinated by the story of a tiny little burger joint that was destroyed by a rave review… only to learn just before recording that a far more familiar and ugly story of abuse was lurking under the surface the whole time.


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