Christine and the Queens' Mashup of Rihanna and Kate Bush is Breathtaking

Bush's 1978 classic "Wuthering Heights" met Riri's modern classic "Kiss It Better" in the BBC Live Lounge.
November 22, 2018, 12:21am
Christine and the Queens

Héloïse Letissier's latest album as Christine and the Queens, Chris, carries with it a sense of vulnerability that's present in all of history's best pop music. It's a disarmingly fluid record despite being impeccably structured and conceptually tight, and clearly aims at taking a place in the pantheon of great pop records. Letissier's single-minded, auteurist gaze is something she shares with a lot of pop's great visionaries, among them Kate Bush and Rihanna. Today, she's made that homage a bit more overt through a cover of Rihanna's ANTI highlight "Kiss It Better"—featuring an interpolation of Kate Bush's debut single "Wuthering Heights"—performed for BBC Radio 1 in the Live Lounge.


Letissier flexes her strong grasp on pop structure in her double-headed cover, which feels entirely natural despite the fact that decades, oceans, and subgenres separate the artists she's covering. Her voice has none of the grit of Rihanna's, and none of the glassiness of Bush's; but her coy falsetto still manages to get out a pretty stunning mashup. Sometimes this stuff can be cringeworthy, but Letissier's tastefulness knows no bounds. Listen for yourself:

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