It's Art for Art's Sake on Waypoint Radio This Week

Toward a culture of creative independence, not indie culture.
November 16, 2018, 9:55pm
A darkly gothic, pixel-art image of a rustic American house alone on a shadowed landscape.
'Kentucky Route Zero' screenshot courtesy of Cardboard Computer

This week's Waypoint Radio is about the anxieties surrounding commercial art and the way they can often overshadow art's cultural value, and how the latter often has more to do with personal meaning and artistic goals than performance in "the marketplace". Our first point of entry to this topic comes via an article by Liz Ryerson, over at the New and Improved Deorbital, called "There Are Not 'Too Many Games': What The Indiepocalypse Panic Ignores". Then we look at a gorgeous personal essay over at Unwinnable by Amanda Hudgins, "The Kentucky State Fair", which ends up providing a way of considering one way of practicing what Ryerson is alluding to. More importantly, it's a story about the place you come from, and the ways you work and experiences can be a gulf between you and the people that you care about.

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