Soccer Mommy's Stripped Down "Still Clean" Is Even More of a Gut-Punch

The Nashville songwriter and her guitar are the only things you need to hear today.

Earlier this year, Soccer Mommy gave us Clean, a brilliant swirl of dream-pop melodies juxtaposed against an indie rock foundation. "Your Dog," which made its way on our best songs list, dissected the downside of being loyal to an unworthy suitor, and "Flaw" came to the heavy realization that love doesn't equate to love. For this installment of Noisey Acoustics, the Nashville songwriter plucks at the guitar chords for "Still Clean," a punch to the gut delivered softly enough that you almost underestimate its impact. The album version of the track is already minimal, but here she strips it to the bare bones, proving that "Still Clean" is best served tenderly. She's already exposed her most vulnerable moments on Clean (one of our favorite albums this year ), and now she's doing it on a bench in front of the LA skyline. Watch her Noisey Acoustic performance for "Still Clean" above.


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