Stormy Daniels Joins YG on Stage for Rousing, Much-Earned Rendition of 'Fuck Donald Trump'

Who is more qualified to guest on the rapper's song than the woman who actually allegedly fucked Donald Trump?
Alex Zaragoza
Brooklyn, US
November 11, 2019, 6:04pm
stormy daniels yg camp flog gnaw
Screenshot via YouTube

YG hasn’t been afraid to say exactly how he feels about Donald Trump, calling on fans to denounce the president on stage in a sort of political baptism. Do you accept that Donald Trump ain’t shit in your heart?

Recently he brought a high-profile friend on stage to continue his mission.

During his set at Camp Flog Gnaw—Tyler, the Creator's music festival that took place this weekend at LA's Dodger Stadium—the rapper brought out a very special guest for a performance of his anti-Trump anthem "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)." Fittingly, that guest was a woman who has allegedly fucked Donald Trump: Stormy Daniels.


YG brought Daniels up and asked her to state her name and yell out "fuck Donald Trump." (YG has previously asked the same from other audience members he's brought on stage, sometimes with less-than-ideal outcomes.) The former porn star, who was allegedly paid $130,000 in 2016 by Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen in exchange for remaining silent about her affair with the president, took the mic, sauntered up the stage and said to the crowd of thousands, "My name is Stormy Fucking Daniels, and I'm the reason that Donald Trump is fucked."

The rapper then pressed further, asking her, "You're the one who fucked Donald Trump?" To which she replied, "I wouldn't call it fucking… no, I just laid there." That earned her a big hug from YG.

Daniels was also met with cheers from the crowd as she danced and continued to yell out “fuck Donald Trump,” a far cry from the ice-cold barrage of booing that Drake received when he made a surprise appearance at the same festival.

Watch the footage below.