Jon Vinyl Makes Love Songs Too Pure for this World On “Star-Crossed”

The Toronto R&B singer's new track will thaw your icy veins.

Love requires a level of vulnerability to work or at least appear nice on film (if you're cynical and broken). Toronto R&B singer Jon Vinyl’s latest video release for “Star-Crossed” is a sweet and sentimental look at that innocent love, and it will melt even the most steely of hearts. Directed by Rahul Madan and Eric Richards, the video for the sensitive single shows the kind of love that comes with freshly picked flowers and a room full of lit candles. Vinyl dares viewers to take the leap into sappy love. Noisey interviewed the singer earlier this year when he described his friendship with Shawn Mendes and creative life in Toronto’s Pickering area. During that talk, the young artist talked about his positivity and desire to create music that makes people feel good. We’re all for it. “‘Cause if we’re star-crossed lovers we should act like it. DiCaprio and Winslet on Titanic. Classic,” Vinyl sings on the track. When asked about “Star-Crossed,” Vinyl simply said, "The video is an ode to that high-school-type-of-love. That addicting mix of emotions, for that crush we all had." Watch Star-Crossed above or check out track on Spotify and Apple Music.


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