Kitty and Sam Ray Are a Rave-Pop Duo Now

"I Got That Boom" is the first single from the prolific couple's new project, The Pom-Poms. A self-titled EP is scheduled for September 21.
September 7, 2018, 2:00pm

The prolific, genre-flouting producer and songwriter Kitty has spent 2018 prepping ROSE GOLD, the follow-up to her colorfully woozy debut album, Miami Garden Club. Her husband, Sam Ray, has released one full-length, American Pleasure Club's album-of-the-year-worthy A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This; one careening 12-song tape of original new music; and a reworked version of his previously only half-released Ricky Eat Acid album am i happy, singing_. Kitty joined American Pleasure Club for a lengthy tour of the US, and a bunch of new songs have appeared on their joint 56Colors SoundCloud page, including the incandescent "Mad Girl's Love Song" and a bizarre Kanye West remix that's just called "poop?."

How they've managed to get another project going on top of all that is a mystery, but here we are. They'll release an EP as The Pom-Poms two weeks from now, and their first single, "I Got That Boom," is out this morning. It's a shamelessly fun, hyped-up, rave-pop song that they describe, quite accurately, as "cheerleader music."

"I'm stupidly excited about this project because it's made of pure happiness, fun, and music that we both truly enjoy listening to," Kitty wrote in an email to Noisey. "Sam and i both use music to release our heaviest emotions, so we often end up making some real dark shit—but The Pom-Poms is what happened when we decided to let go of heavy feelings and just turn the fuck up."

"Like Kitty says, I'm excited as shit by this project we're doing together because it's so unabashedly fucking 'fun,'" Sam added. "It reminds me of being a kid, a middle schooler or something and hearing DJ Assault, and 'Fuck The Pain Away' too, for the first time. My friends wanted something juvenile and profane to trip us out while we smoked weed, but all I could think was like, 'what the hell is this? this is fucking amazing.' Definitely one of those revelatory moments growing up. I wanted to make something that brought me back to that increasingly rare feeling, when you hear something for the first time that just gives you such a pure & heavy dopamine rush you can't help laughing out loud at it and thinking 'what the fuck is this?' Pure ecstasy, in the face of a exceedingly nihilistic-hell-world."

Watch the blacklit video for "I Got That Boom," filmed by the both of them and edited by Kitty, at the top of the page.

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