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Thursday’s Geoff Rickly Has a New Podcast About the Intersection of Art and Mental Health

Listen to the first three episodes with Saves The Day's Chris Conley and Pictureplane.

The open secret about podcasting is that everybody’s got a podcast but nobody should. Alright, fine, there are like, six people in the world who are good at podcasting, tops. All the rest are very bad. If there’s anyone in the music industry who might actually be able to put their airtime to good use, though, it’s Thursday’s Geoff Rickly.

The frontman has seen some shit in his time leading a band that went through the wringer of indie rock stardom, major label struggles, and reunions. Not to mention his addiction to heroin, which he has been fairly open about. After kicking his use in 2017, people in his life started suggesting he consider a different career path, and tried to convince him that the life of an artist is not compatible with sturdy mental health.


His new podcast, Dark Blue, explores these crossroads—where creativity and mental health intersect. “I decided to start this show to document my own recovery and to explore the challenges that artists face and the solutions that have worked for them,” says Rickly. "This series is meant as a form of searching, seeking out help. I’m not a professional and I don’t claim to be an authority—just another person looking for answers."

For Dark Blue’s launch, Rickly has released a primer episode about his own mental health, as well as one with Saves The Day’s Chris Conley, who doles out some of his zen wisdom on life, and an episode with Pictureplane. Coming up, Rickly says he’s got an episode with Texas Is the Reason’s Norman Brannan and Thursday’s Steve Pedulla about touring with band members who don’t know you’re gay.

You can find Dark Blue on iTunes and Osiris.