15 People Who Won Halloween

The internet gave us treats this Halloween —with these epic costumes.
Raquel Willis as Donna Summers
Raquel Willis as Donna Summers

Alas. Halloween is over, meaning it's the peak day to scroll through social media to see how people celebrated. All Hallows' Eve has unarguably gotten more creative over the years, evolving from fright-inducing costumes to creative expressions of admiration for real-life people, pop culture icons, and television and film characters. While everyone might not have the disposable income to outdo Heidi Klum, there were plenty of amazing looks this Halloween that shone in their own right.


Raquel Willis as Donna Summers

Eugene Lee Yang as Disney's Mulan

Shane Philip as Aquaman and Cat Woman

A Department of Motor Vehicles employee as the sloth from Zootopia

The Cheetah Girls

Lizzo as The Little Mermaid's Ursula

Gabi "Gabifresh" Gregg as Doja Cat

Veda as Big Miss Steak

Kelly from Insecure