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We followed women as they tried to confront Jeff Flake about Kavanaugh

"I wanted to make it so the senators couldn't walk anywhere without seeing one of us," the woman leading the movement told VICE News.

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake was recently caught on camera being confronted in a U.S. Senate elevator by women who wanted to talk to him about sexual assault and Brett Kavanaugh.

The moment went viral. It was not an accident.

Women opposed to Kavanaugh have an organized effort to confront Senators all over the Capitol, all day long. Their leader is Melissa Byrne, a former Bernie Sanders staffer who's now spending her days making sure women know where to find senators so they can give them a piece of their minds.

"The one tactic that's never been used before is having, at mass scale, the hallways and tunnels full," Byrne told VICE News. "I wanted to make it so that senators couldn't walk anywhere without seeing one of us."

VICE News followed Melissa and her team on their conquest to find — and confront — Flake.

This segment originally aired October 4, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.