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Video Shows Man Attack Cop, Get Smoked by Truck as He Tries to Flee

Two of the men in the Vancouver incident have been identified as the sons of a prominent Hells Angel.
Photo via YouTube screenshot.

A man who allegedly assaulted a police officer after a routine traffic stop was hit by a truck as he attempted to sprint away.

The situation kicked off on Tuesday night at around 10 in downtown Vancouver when plain-clothed police officers pulled over the three men in a Dodge Durango after they turned down a road closed to public vehicles. Police say they used their police lights to indicate they were officers and approached the vehicle.


According to police, the men, who were all in their early 20s, were verbally combative at the get-go and things quickly turned physical. The incident was filmed by a man who later posted it on YouTube under the definitely non-subtle name of “Guy running from police gets hit by truck!! Crazy! Watch until the end!”

“When one of the officers opened up the passenger door, the front passenger pulled him into the vehicle and two men began to punch him in the face and head area repeatedly,” said Sgt. Jason Robillard at a press conference on Wednesday. “As the other officer rushed to help all three men exited the vehicle and continued to assault the officer outside.”

“Get off my friend, you fucking goof,” someone yells in the melee. The man who appears to have been in the front seat of the car gets out as the second cop and the other men are screaming at each other on the sidewalk.

The man, now on the street, moves quickly, circling around for a bit before taking off down the street at a good pace. The entire time he’s looking back to see if the cops are coming at him—this was a bad idea. While he’s running and looking behind him a black truck—moving pretty quick—just fucking smokes him.

The man, who can obviously take a beating, continued to run for another block before being arrested. The witness filming—after being urged by a friend to “get in there” because he’s an ERT—catches up to the group mid-arrest. One of the first things you hear is “you’re getting arrested, you little bitch”—it’s unclear of who said this as the video is black at the time. When the man stops running he accuses one of the plain clothed officers of kicking the downed man. The officer doesn’t deny it but instead states, “he severely assaulted my partner and he’s combative.”


“I was hit by a car and you kick me when I’m down?” asks the arrested man shortly before the video cuts out. Police said the man was transported to the hospital and checked out but was luckily not injured. They also say the suspects are known to them.

Those charged are two brothers, Troy Michael Robinson and Brendan John Robinson, and a third man, Brian Benjamin Allen. The three face a myriad of charges including assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and possession of stolen property. The Vancouver Sun has reported that the Robinson brothers are the sons of Lloyd Robinson, a former Hells Angels and half-brother of the current president of the East End chapter of the outlaw biker gang.

The officer who was dragged into the Durango and beaten up was sent to the hospital with what were described as “significant injuries.” Police say he has been released and is at home resting up.

During the whole situation, the men and witnesses question whether or not the plainclothes cops were actual officers. At the press conference, Robillard said that the officers identified themselves as cops, adding there’s “no doubt in my mind that the three occupants in the vehicle knew they were police officers.”

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