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New QOTSA Tracks Accidentally Appear on New Gordi Albums

Fans who bought advance copies of Gordi's delicate 'Reservoir' were shocked by the second half of the record.

After an apparent mix-up at a pressing plant, three songs from Queens of the Stone Age's forthcoming LP Villains were pressed onto special editions of Australian singer-songwriter Gordi's new album, Reservoir. The problem was first identified yesterday by users on Reddit, who sensed a radical shift in tone when they turned the record over and found brazen rock 'n' roll in place of delicate folktronica.


Screengrab via Discogs

So far, the issue has only impacted advance 'club' editions of the record. Three new Queens of the Stone Age songs—"Fortress," "Head Like a Haunted House," and "Un-Reborn Again"—found their way onto the B-Side of Reservoir. Both albums are set to be released on the same day, August 25. "This is a pressing defect that we're working diligently to resolve as quickly as possible," Secretly's Chris Swanson told Pitchfork. "It's not the first time this sort of thing has happened, but we're all hoping it's the last."

In a statement, Gordi didn't seem to be as bothered by the mispress. "Obviously I was aware that the Queens of the Stone Age album was coming out the same week as mine and I was aware it would probably garner all the limelight," she said. "So the logical solution was to just chuck a bunch of their songs on Reservoir. I anticipate either people won't notice or they'll appreciate the dynamic shift."

Some fans seem to agree with Gordi, with the record already being requested by collectors of special editions.

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