Paul Westerberg Is Sharing New Music Via a Mysterious SoundCloud Account

Listen to a new song from the former Replacements frontman.

Over the last month Paul Westerberg has been uploading songs onto a mysterious Soundcloud account under the name User 964848511. On Thursday, the former frontman of legendary Minneapolis band The Replacements posted the song "Come Hither". While it's definitely not the greatest song that Westerberg has penned, it's good to see that the guy behind songs such as "Kids Don't Follow" and "Bastards of Young" is writing stuff and there is possibly enough material for an album.


The last Westerberg material was when he and Juliana Hatfield released Wild Stab as the I Don't Cares. He hasn't released a full-length since 2004's Folker.

Rhino records will soon release For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986, an imfamous Replacements concert at the Hoboken, New Jersey club.

Image: Paul Westerberg