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Björk Said Some Good Shit in This Interview

"If we get too neurotic or involved in craziness, our moon shoots off its orbit into space. Does that make sense?"

On the heels of confirming a new album, all-around art avatar Björk sat down with Dazed magazine to do a characteristically unorthodox interview where musicians and other artists asked her about, well, art. It's actually a very cute advice column sort of deal, because many of the new-gen artists, like Mitski and Jenny Hval, probably grew up on Björk, so it's cool to have them talk to an influence of theirs about artist anxieties like playing for unappreciative crowds and if music has anything to do with magic (this is a really good interview, in case you couldn't tell). Also, it should be noted that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind director Michel Gondry's lengthy question is as mind-bending as his work, which is really something.


Early on in the piece, producer and Björk collaborator the Haxan Cloak asks her what music she finds relevant. Björk responds by saying that maybe the millennials have it the best.

I feel like a lot of stuff that came out in (the) early 2000s I found harder to relate to… And then (in the) last five years or so, there's been mountains and mountains of new stuff that I absolutely adore! (I feel like) this generation went even further to the core and managed to keep the best bits of what my generation did, and then add some.

Any artist from a prior generation avoiding the "get off my lawn, you kids" trap is good, but also it's not super surprising to hear this from Björk, whose current musical partner-in-crime is the ultramodern Arca and who has had Death Grips open for her on tour. It's additionally pretty neat that this particular POV comes about as nostalgia for the 00s hits a fever pitch. When the teens are sighing over not experiencing Simple Plan's heyday, you know we're moving too fast a society. Anyways, you can experience Björk's Dazed interview here.