The Chainsmokers Finally, Thankfully Fell Out of the Billboard Top 10

Music kinda sucks now, but at least the Chainsmokers took an L.
July 11, 2017, 3:12pm
Andrew Chin/Getty Images

61 weeks is a long time. It's nine weeks more than a year and 61 times longer than it takes to wait for Game of Thrones to return. This is how long the Chainsmokers, the Hinder of pop-EDM, have stayed in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 since releasing "Don't Let Me Down" back in May of last year. The streak continued with "Paris," the Coldplay feature "Something Like This," and of course, the villainous "Closer." We are all victims to presentism, the belief that the way things are now is how they'll always be. An unbroken line of inoffensive, drop-laden pop hits, stretching into the furthest eons of time. This was what we thought our fate would be. What we never considered was that time always has other plans.


As Billboard reports, the Chainsmokers have finally dropped out of the top 10 altogether. The songs are still there in the Hot 100, still getting radio and streaming love, but the chain has been shattered, the stranglehold broken out of. More humiliating is the fact that the duo just barely failed to beat the all-time record for longest stay in the top 10; a gob-smacking and meme-worthy 69 weeks by Katy Perry during her unstoppable Teenage Dream days in 2010-11. Nice. Let this be an inspiration to all that given enough time passing, all ills can be healed, blown away like leaves in the breeze or dissolved like the hair gel of an EDM bro. Beautiful. Here, somehow is the real winner in all of this.

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