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Shake Your Assholes, Here’s Action Bronson’s “Let Me Breathe” Video

Bam Bam takes you behind the scenes of the greatest video shoot of all time.

"This joint'll have people fucking shaking their fucking asses, breaking their fucking head, crashing their car into Boston Market. Straight up running into Chinese food restaurants, naked going crazy," Action Bronson promised us earlier this month when he shared his new single "Let Me Breathe." And with the video, premiering above, there's no shred of doubt left that he's 100 percent right.

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It's hard to really explain what the "Let Me Breathe" video is about, but suffice it to say that Bam Bam will take you behind the scenes of the greatest video shoot of all time, a video shoot for the history books. There were dancer dramas, on-set meltdowns, and a kickass monster truck—all the stuff you expect from a big budget affair such as this one. Don't hesitate. Shake your fucking assholes. When this dance goes viral, you can say you were there first.

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