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'Mats Fans Rejoice, a 1986 Replacements Gig Is Getting an Official Release

We "Can't Hardly Wait" for this rare live album. We'll see ourselves out.

There'll probably never be another band exactly like the Replacements, who harnessed both the premature wistfulness and the raging freedom of teen angst into songs that were punk and heartfelt. Despite the group's legendary reputation for drunken live shows, there's only been one official live album, the cassette-only Shit Hits the Fans from 1984. That's apparently gonna change on October 6, when For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986 hits, uh, streaming shelves?


The 29-track album chronicles a gig at Maxwell's in Hoboken, New Jersey that's been in the label vaults since it was first recorded. As Rolling Stone notes, it's one of the last shows to feature the band's classic lineup before troubled guitarist Bob Stinson left the band. Though the album's not out for a few more months, Rhino Records has shared a teaser cut, a raw version of future 'Mats classic "Can't Hardly Wait." It would only appear on the band's Pleased to Meet Me album about a year later. You can stream that below and find more information about For Sale here.